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tiktok advertising

Brands on tiktok advertising are typically in one of three roles: content creator, influencer partner or advertiser. Top performers across all three roles cater to the platform’s algorithm by creating informal and entertaining content that resonates with audiences. They also understand the ad types (in-feed ads, discovery page ads, brand takeovers and dynamic showcase ads) to further marketing campaign goals and achieve the optimal customer journey.

Advertising on Tiktok is simple with a self-serve platform that provides advertisers with the flexibility to create engaging video ads that drive action. Like other platforms, tiktok is dominated by Gen Z and millennials but there’s opportunity to reach unique demographics as well.

Harnessing the Potential of TikTok Ad Library: Uncover Trends and Competitor Strategies

First, you’ll need to set up a business account. This will require some basic information about your business and your preferred payment type. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to start building, managing and tracking your ads. Tiktok offers two ad manager modes: simplified and custom. Simplified mode takes a more simplified approach to ad creation, and allows you to build your campaign in levels: outlining your campaign, then defining an ad group and finally creating your individual ads. Custom mode gives you more control of your ad creation, including the ability to run ad combinations and create A/B tests.

Once you’ve set up your ad manager, select the “Campaign” tab and click “Create Ad.” You’ll then need to choose Placements, which is where you can determine where you want your ads to appear. Choose Automatic Placements to allow Tiktok to optimize ad delivery to reach your objectives, or choose Select Placements to manually select placements you want to target. You’ll also need to choose an optimization goal, which is what you want your ad to achieve (e.g., reach, conversions, cost per mille).

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