Choosing Local Floor Screeders


When looking for a local floor screeder to complete your new local floor screeders, you must choose one with the relevant experience and knowledge. Not only will they be able to offer the best service, but they will be able to advise you on what type of screed is best for your particular application. This article details some of the key considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a floor screeder.

Screed is a mixture of cement and sharp sand that is used to create a smooth surface before the installation of final flooring. It can be laid over a solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab, a precast concrete floor unit or over a DPC (damp proof course). It can be either bonded or unbonded and can range in thickness from 5mm to 75mm. It is often the perfect solution for those who are wanting to lay new luxury flooring London, as it can provide a faultlessly smooth base that will last for years.

Quality Assurance: Local Floor Screeders at Your Service

A standard screed will take around 110 days to dry fully, so it’s important to find a specialist who can work fast and efficiently. Typically, the contractor will pump or trowel the screed mixture and use evaporation control tools to manage the drying process along with dappling to release air bubbles. They will also be able to supply moisture-sensing instruments that can help with the initial testing of the screed. If moisture expansion is likely, it may be advisable to specify the use of shrinkage-reducing admixtures or a waterproof membrane such as Fosroc Concure WB30.

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