How to Send Email Google Sheets


Send Email Google Sheets

You can use Send Email Google Sheets almost like they were invented for one another. This is especially true for mail merge, where you have a template in your email that contains placeholder tags that correspond to data in your spreadsheet. Then when your recipient responds to your email, the spreadsheet data gets inserted into the template in a personalized way.

Streamline Your Workflow: Sending Emails from Google Sheets Made Easy

To do this, you need to know how to automate your email and use a Google Sheets plugin for this. This solution uses Apps Script to create a new Gmail message from an email template with the data in your spreadsheet. It then uses the Gmail service to send that message to each of the recipients in your spreadsheet.

This solution also works by using a formula to set up automated email communication directly from your spreadsheets. Then when you change your spreadsheet data, the Apps Script will automatically send an email based on the new values in your spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, you need to set up a column that will contain your email recipient’s business name, invoice number, and/or invoice amount. Then set up a formula in that column to generate a formatted string that will serve as the body of your email message. This function will also set up a log message that lets you know if the email was sent or not.

To test this out, click the button below to make a copy of the sample spreadsheet and then add data to the row with the column you want to send to each of your recipients. When you run the code, you’ll be asked to authenticate into your Google Account. Then you can select the email address that will be used to send out each email.

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