Large Confederate Flag For Sale


For decades, the large Confederate flag for sale battle flag represented a powerful symbol of southern heritage and racial pride to some. To others, it evoked memories of slavery and oppression. And after the Charleston church shooting, it sparked a new wave of controversy that has seen retailers pull their Confederate merchandise from store shelves and websites. For a time, that was the end of it, but manufacturers that produce the divisive symbol say they’re seeing an uptick in sales.

The Confederate flag was designed by William Porcher Miles and adopted in March of 1861 by the Confederate Congress. It consisted of two red bars with a white border and 13 stars, representing the states that seceded from the Union during the Civil War.

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Although the CSA used four different flags, this was the most famous of them. It is commonly known as the rebel flag and has become synonymous with the CSA. It is also the most popular and common flag to be found for sale today. It is often used by re-enactors to portray Confederate soldiers and by people who want to show their support for the rebel cause.

While some auction houses have begun to stop selling antique Confederate flags, many experts say that’s largely because of backlash and not necessarily because of the recent controversy. Auction house Heritage says that antique Confederate flags have always been in high demand, with a moderately sized one in good condition fetching up to $77,000 at an auction in 2007. In addition to the price tag, there is the sentimental value of the item as well.

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