Working in Canada – Some Ways to Be Eligible For Work Permit


Canadian work permits legally allow you to work with any employer or under a certain employer (non-worker-specific work visa). With some exceptions, you will need a valid work visa if you are from a country that is not a member of the European Union or the International Trade Organization. In addition, you may also need to apply for a visitor visa before entering Canada.

How to get canadian work permit

While the rules regarding the qualifications to get a Canadian work permit are almost the same for all employers and even foreign workers in Canada; there are certain points which are taken into consideration by the Canadian government. According to the latest statistics, many immigrants from other countries don’t have access to Canada’s regular work force. The reason for this is the shortage of skilled foreign workers in Canada’s labour market, which can be attributed to Canada’s aging population, as well as the tightening of borders and restrictions on immigration. In addition, the arrival of more illegal immigrants (who cannot legally stay in Canada) has resulted in a shortage of workers, especially for those who speak English as a Second Language, or those who have undergone training on Canada’s language requirements.

To work in Canada legally, one has to have obtained a Canadian work permit. However, if you already have a job or study in Canada and plan to stay while you wait for your status to be approved; you may qualify to use the following types of employment services to find out whether you can continue living in Canada while waiting for your visa: the Federal Employment Organization, the Canadian Human Resources Association and the Canadian Pension Plan. If any of these agencies to help you find work, it means that you may qualify for a Canadian employment visa. For other types of work not covered by these agencies, you may be eligible for an immigrant visa. Your choice depends on the type of work you do and the experience you need. The number of years you intend to stay in Canada also determines this, as does the amount of experience you need.

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