What Is Wet Pour Surface?



Wetpour Surface is a rubber surfacing option that has passed the most stringent impact testing and is very durable. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions without any damage or degradation, providing a safe surface for children to play on. Wet pour is also extremely customizable, allowing for a variety of colors and designs to be used, making it possible to create an attractive and unique play area.

The wet pour EPDM safety surfacing is a two-layer system consisting of an SBR base layer that acts as the shock pad to absorb impact, and an EPDM wearing course layer made of granules bonded together with polyurethane resin. Both the base layer and the granules are recycled to give old materials new life and contribute to a more sustainable construction process.

Playground Safety Standards: Why Wetpour Meets the Mark

Unlike shredded mulch, wetpour has a smooth surface that offers superior grip for kids to walk on, run, and jump. It is also porous, allowing for efficient water drainage and reducing the risk of puddles that could offer slip hazards.

The textured surface of wetpour is also ideal for adding features like slides, monkey bars and springers that help support active play. However, it’s important to remember that rubber wetpour is only a safe surfacing option when it’s installed correctly by an experienced team. It should always be inspected on a daily basis for any foreign objects and a regular maintenance schedule is necessary. This includes a weekly sweep and a monthly power wash, as well as broadcasting non-toxic chemical de-icer in the winter to keep the surface safe for kids.

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