Warehouse Flooring Options


Warehouses require warehouse-flooring.uk  that is durable and long-lasting to support heavy machinery, equipment, vehicles, and warehouse inventory. Aside from the practical aspect of being able to withstand the load placed on the floor, it must also offer aesthetics that are appropriate for commercial spaces. The appearance of the floor should never take a backseat to functionality.

Concrete flooring is an excellent option for warehouses because it offers durability and a sleek look that is suitable for any facility. Traditional concrete floors can be polished for a smooth and shiny surface that is not slippery. Mechanically grinding and polishing the concrete increases friction which helps to prevent slippage. This is ideal for warehouses that use forklift trucks or other industrial machinery. The increased friction also offers safety measures for all workers.

The Science of Smooth: How Laser Screed Technology Improves Warehouse Flooring

Traditional concrete floors are often coated with epoxy coatings to provide a cleanable surface. This is beneficial because warehouses have to deal with a lot of chemical spills and this type of flooring can handle it. However, these coatings can eventually delaminate from the bare concrete and leave you with an eyesore that is difficult to maintain.

Alternatively, a polyurethane protective coating such as Durabak can be applied to a concrete floor to make it safe for all activities in the warehouse. This non-slip coating can be easily applied to a concrete floor and provides extreme adhesion, making it ideal for the most high-traffic areas in a warehouse. It is also abrasion-resistant, immune to chemical damage and can be applied to existing floors.

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