Types of Solar Panels Ireland


types of solar panels ireland

There are several different types of home solar panels ireland, but the most popular type is the PV panel. These convert sunlight into free electricity and can power everything in your home including your hot water system.

The panel’s black surface absorbs heat from the sun, similar to how a car’s dark colour attracts heat. The heat is then transferred to a hot water tank where it rises in temperature throughout the day. This energy is backed up by a backup energy source (electricity, gas etc) so you can always have a reliable supply of hot water.

Solar PV panels work best on south-facing roofs, but even on cloudy days they generate some electricity by absorbing reflected sunlight. The power generated is fed into your home’s electrical grid where it can be used to power all the appliances in your house. You can also choose to sell any surplus electricity back to the grid, which further increases your savings.

Shining a Light on Solar Panels in Cork: Your Guide to Clean Energy Solutions

Solar panels typically last for 20-30 years, but their output decreases over time. If you install solar battery storage as well, it is possible to increase the lifespan of your energy system. Most solar systems today also come with a smart monitoring device which gives you real-time information on your household power usage, and helps you identify which devices are energy hogs. You don’t normally need planning permission to install solar panels in Ireland, but it’s worth checking with your local council before going ahead.

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