Tower Lighting Hire – How to Choose the Right Tower Light For Your Project


The best tower lighting hire will illuminate your work site and ensure your project can run as efficiently as possible. It will also help to protect you and your equipment from potential dangers caused by working at night, particularly if you’re working in remote areas or in the event of extreme weather conditions. However, the type of light tower that is best for your needs will depend on a variety of factors, including:

Coverage – Inquire about the maximum area of illumination the tower can cover. The number of lights, lamp configuration and mast height will impact coverage.

How high is a light tower?

Power – Consider how you plan to power your tower light. Options include diesel fuel, generator or solar-charged batteries. If noise levels are an issue, look for a model that operates silently or has a sound limiter that prevents operation beyond 85db.

Buzzer – Consider whether you’ll need to use an alarm buzzer on your tower light and what kind of alarm tone you require. These alarms are typically in the range of 80db and may be monotonal, bi-tonal or intermittent.

Automation – Some light towers have the option to be programmed and start automatically. This is especially helpful if you need your tower lights to operate over long periods of time, such as on construction sites or events.

Size – Lastly, consider how large you need your tower to be. You’ll want to ensure it can be easily positioned in the required location and won’t interfere with your workspace. You’ll also want to check the maximum height the mast can extend and whether it will be flexible or fixed.

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