The My Sleep CPAP Cleaner Saves Lives


The new My Sleep CPAP Cleaner may just be the solution that your doctor has been looking for. Many doctors find that the traditional mask used to relieve sleep apnea sufferers from their breathing difficulties can irritate their skin, as well as cause other medical problems. The new My Sleep CPAP Cleaner eliminates that problem, while delivering exceptional performance throughout the night.

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve My Sleep Cpap Cleaner

The Sleep cpap cleaner is the pioneer in modern medical device technology. The Sleep cleanses your CPAP mask, tubing, and bib by using ozone (Activated Oxygen), a highly effective and environmentally safe sanitizing agent. The specially designed, dual hoses eliminate all allergens and bacteria that may have been present on the skin of patients using traditional masks. They also eliminate any potential odors as a result of the sanitizing action. The My Sleep CPAP Cleaner even sanitizes the reusable hook-ups that provide CPAP therapy with the specially designed hook up plates and tubing.

In addition to cleaning your CPAP device, the my sleep cpap cleaner sanitizes the reusable tubing and hose by running them through the machine’s sanitation process. This includes passing the tubing through a high heat oven and then through a high pressure air cooler. Once through these steps, the tubing is placed into a disposable plastic bag, and the bag is then sealed and returned to the doctor. The entire process leaves the patient with a sanitized mask, tubing, and bib that will prevent against the re-contamination of his or her sleep apnea treatment. By taking just minutes to perform each of these steps, the my sleep cpap cleaner ensures that the treatment is left in great condition for each patient.

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