The Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier


As the UK’s favorite breed, the blue staffordshire bull terrier is a muscular and fearless companion. In the hands of a dominant, experienced owner they can be loyal and protective family dogs.

The blue staffy  is also a highly intelligent dog. Early socialization training can help Staffies learn to distinguish friends from strangers. This can help them overcome their tendency to be wary of people they don’t know and could make them less likely to bite.

Caring for the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Grooming Tips and Coat Maintenance

Staffordshire Bull Terriers come in a range of colors including brindle, black, red, fawn and white. Some have a spotted pattern or a color broken up with white (known as pied). Some are purebreds with papers from a recognised parent breed club, others are non-pedigree dogs which may be bred and registered by responsible breeders or recognised as such by national or international kennel clubs.

Before purchasing a puppy it’s important to research the breeder and find one who is reputable. There are many less-than-ethical breeders who exploit the popularity of the breed for their own financial gain, rather than to improve the health and welfare of their puppies. The Kennel Club has some helpful information to help you choose a good breeder. It’s also worth checking with your local authorities and insurance companies before bringing a new pet home to see what their breed restrictions might be. If you are considering a pedigree pup, ask the breeder for the results of any genetic screening tests they’ve carried out on their parents.

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