The Best Entry Doors In The USA


Whether your home is a century old or a newly built modern house, there are several points to consider when choosing GrandEntry | entry doors. The door itself will play a major role in the appearance and atmosphere of the house but more importantly, it will determine the safety and functionality of the entrance to your property. While steel and wood both offer great benefits over traditional wood or metal, which, while attractive, need regular maintenance and are vulnerable to breakage, steel or wood doors are more susceptible to breakage than fiberglass or glass doors.

In addition, steel doors do not have the durability, energy efficiency and safety of wood or fiberglass. Although some steel doors are still constructed of wood and fiberglass, many builders opt to use steel for their entry doors because they are much more affordable and are able to withstand a number of weather conditions. These factors coupled with the fact that they are highly resistant to water and wear and tear makes them perfect for the modern day construction and design.

There are two types of door materials: fiberglass and wood. Fiberglass doors are usually preferred over wooden ones because of their high tensile strength. However, fiberglass is not as versatile as other materials used in door designs. They can be difficult to repair if there is a break and require special tools to install.

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