Sheep Ear Tags


Sheep ear tags have been used for centuries by farmers and shepherds in order to identify individual flocks of sheep. The old style of tag was a gold or silver loop design that was affixed to the front of each ear. In the recent past many new designs have come out on the market, such as the small plastic ear tag which is just under one centimetre long. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be easily attached to your earlobe. Sheep ear tags can be used for a variety of purposes, including identification and marking of sheep.

How to Ear Tag Sheep and Goats: For Beginners

The skin tag is a very small and harmless piece of skin that grows around the base of each ear. The skin tag usually grows in circular pattern in an undulating motion, sometimes even extending down the ear lobe. The skin tag itself cannot cause any type of damage to the sheep’s ear or skin, but they can still cause irritation. The skin tags that grow around the back of the ears are also called ‘Reverse Skin Tag’.

They are also a very common problem with sheep. The skin tag grows around the back of an earlobe and attaches to it with a thin, sharp edge. Many people have experienced some degree of irritation while removing the skin tag from their ear.

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