Rockstar OG Strain – Euphoria, Hazy Introspection and Deep Relaxation


If you’re searching for a cannabis flower that offers up euphoria, hazy introspection and deep relaxation in one rocking package, look no further than the rockstar og strain. This potent indica-dominant cannabis cultivar is a favourite amongst fans who appreciate its spicy blueberry earth flavour and mixed heady, full-body and body-relaxing effects.

What strain is Rockstar OG?

Rockstar OG is also well-suited to medicinal marijuana use since its mood-enhancing uplifting and sativa properties alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and migraines while its sedative properties can help manage pain and insomnia. Lastly, this bud is known to cause intense munchies that can help stimulate appetite and relieve nausea.

This indica-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing the classic OG Kush x BC Rockstar strains and packs timeless indica effects. Purple Rockstar Kush buds grow in fluffy popcorn-shaped olive green nugs that are covered in dark amber hairs and a coating of matching amber crystal trichomes. The aroma is reminiscent of sweet blueberries with a dank, spicy skunky note.

The high from Purple Rockstar Kush is a true delight that starts with a feeling of uplifted euphoria and a hazy introspection that helps to ease your mind of any nagging anxieties. This zen-like mindset slowly spreads through your entire body to provide you with a deeply relaxing and calming experience that can be especially soothing to chronic aches and pains in your muscles and joints. Eventually, this sedative feeling turns into a heavy couch-lock that may lead to an intensified case of the munchies.

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