Relationship Advice – What Every Couple Should Know


Relationship advice is all around us, but most of it isn’t helpful. In fact, if you get too much of it at the start of your relationship it can set you up for failure.More info

That’s why it’s important to learn how to give and take good relationship advice. It’s not enough to simply avoid bad advice; you have to actively seek out what’s useful. But where do you start? We spoke to expert relationship therapists and Lasting, the science-based relationship app that’s been backed by The Knot, for their top tips on what every couple should know.

Building Trust: The Foundation of a Successful and Lasting Relationship

It’s normal to bring your fears and insecurities into a new relationship. They help to protect you from heartbreak and keep you safe, but they can also stop you from feeling happy. You need to learn how to recognize those negative thoughts and let them go for your relationship to flourish.

You’ve heard it before, but if you want to keep your relationship afloat you need to practice good communication. That means listening without distraction (put your phone away) and being able to express yourself clearly. It’s also important to be able to argue fairly and in a non-damaging way.

Don’t ignore physical touch – from hugs goodbye to holding hands in public, it can make you feel closer to your partner. And remember to tell them all the little things they do that you appreciate. A simple “I love you because” will go a long way.

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