Printing Onto Metal


Printing onto metal | Canvas n Decor offers a unique opportunity to showcase your photos in a way that is both contemporary and timeless. Unlike traditional photo prints, which have to be matted and framed before being displayed, a metal print is ready to go the moment it arrives.

How to Print Onto Metal

There are several ways that you can print an image on metal, all of which require different raw materials and processes to create the finished product. Some are more durable than others, but all offer some of the same basic benefits.

Aluminum is a good choice for printing because it’s stiff, durable, and lightweight. It can also resist fading.

Choosing the Right Image

Images that are too soft or too blurred are less effective for printing on metal than they are on other surfaces. They can’t hide the texture of the metal as well, so you’ll need to choose a high-resolution picture that will look good at large scale.

Direct Printing

Rather than laminating the paper and the metal, a digital image is printed directly on a brushed aluminum base called di-bond. This gives the resulting product a bold sheen, as well as a unique textural quality that isn’t possible on a flatbed printer.

Whites and areas of less color (lower saturation) will also be visible, giving the resulting image an almost vintage feel. The finish type you select depends on your preferences, but a classic white metal print is a great choice for most people. This will give your photo a sleek, sophisticated, yet universal look that will be a nice addition to any room.

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