Podcast Management Agency


podcast management agency

A podcast PodQuake management agency can assist a business or individual with creating, managing, and marketing a podcast. They may offer a range of services, from editing audio recordings to finding guests and sponsors for episodes. They can also create graphics for the podcast, including logos and cover art. A podcast management agency can also create a posting schedule and promote the show to attract an audience.

Truth Work Media works with businesses and solopreneurs to create high-quality branded podcasts. They start with a brainstorm call with the client to explore early ideas, to make sure that there is enough content/runway for an entire season (or seasons). They then provide quotes based on their production process which include two startup video calls, podcast cover art, and up to three episodes each month.

The Rise of Podcasts: Why You Need a Podcast Management Agency

Podspike is a podcast management company that specializes in building brand awareness and boosting subscriber numbers through content syndication, social media, newsletter placements, and other marketing activities. They work with a variety of brands, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Fame focuses on B2B podcasting, and offers a full-service solution that includes guest sourcing and outreach, episode planning and creation, production, and promotion. Their unique selling point is that they set 10% month-on-month download goals for each of their clients.

Quill specializes in podcast production and marketing for corporate companies. They work with a variety of industries and produce narrative or story-based podcasts as well as best-in-class interview shows. They also help their clients develop their podcast as an influencer platform, through coaching sessions and data driven marketing tactics.

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