How to Hang Oversize Canvas Prints


Whether you want to show off a favorite family portrait or create a gallery wall, large canvas prints make an impressive statement. They also make a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

What is a canvas print?

The best thing about oversize canvas prints is that it works with almost any type of decor. From modern to industrial, nautical to chic, you can hang your canvas prints in any room to add a personal touch and stand out from other art mediums. And because they’re lightweight and free of glass, they’re also easier to handle than framed prints.

When hanging your canvas, start by cleaning the wall where you’ll be placing it with a damp cloth. Then, measure the space to ensure that your print will fit comfortably. For best results, we recommend using our largest sizes, which have 1″ of white space on each side for a balanced look.

Once you’ve chosen a space for your canvas, pick the photograph you’ll be using. For larger canvas sizes, you’ll want to avoid close-up portraits as they can make a room feel smaller. Try to use landscapes or nature scenes instead, as they’ll be a more spacious addition to your home.

Finally, decide on how you’ll hang your canvas. You can choose to hang it using the wooden stretcher bars that form its skeleton, or you can purchase a frame for added protection and style. If you choose to hang your canvas without a frame, we recommend using medium-sized nails or j-hooks and a spirit level to ensure that it’s hanging straight.

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