How to Find the Best Violin Lessons in Singapore


When violin lessons singapore price, the cost of private lessons is around $50-$75 per lesson for beginners. The rate rises to $60-$100 per hour for more experienced teachers. Meanwhile, group violin lessons Singapore are more affordable at $50-$100 per month. While group lessons are great for kids, they are insufficient for serious violin studies. Here are some tips to help you choose the right teacher for your needs.

Help You Pass Your Music Exams

The first thing to consider is the teacher. Look for a violin teacher who has a professional degree in music. Make sure that they know music theory as this will greatly help you understand the violin. You may need a metronome to help you count the beats in a bar or clap a certain rhythm. You should also learn about various articulation terms, such as quaver, semi-breve, and minum.

The prices of violin lessons vary based on several factors, including the teacher’s qualification and experience. Take some time to compare rates and find the one that best suits your needs. Violin teachers are more expensive than other teachers, as they devote more time to their students. Make sure to choose an ABRSM-certified teacher with years of experience teaching students. The prices for violin lessons in Singapore vary based on many factors, including the teacher’s level and experience.

If you’re interested in learning the violin, you should start with a reputable institute like Juzmusic Academy. Their teachers can groom you as a young violinist and help you pass your music exams. The students at Juzmusic Academy see great improvement in a short time. And they’re ABRSM-approved, so you can be confident that the teachers are skilled enough to teach you. They will also help you find a teacher who will teach you how to take a proper violin exam.

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