How to Detect Water Leaks and Pay Less in Your Home Repair Bill


Water leaks are dangerous. You may even end up with a bigger problem such as mold, if you don’t take care of them right away. There are many different ways how to detect water leaks and you should consider all your options. While some of the leaks may start in the walls, other times, it may start in the basement or in the attic. It doesn’t matter where the leak is, once you have found the source, you need to stop it immediately.

What Alberto Savoia Can Teach You About How To Detect Water Leaks

Sometimes you won’t even know where the leak is. If you’re trying to figure out how to detect water leaks, you should consider the fact that most of the time, leaks can’t be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes the water leak may start in the ceiling or in the wall. If you find a wet spot on the floor, it may be hard to know if the leak is behind your garage door or in your attic. To really know how to detect water leaks, you need to get an expert to check it for you. An electrician can check the electrical outlets and if it turns out to be a water leak, they can fix it for you or recommend a contractor to do it for you.

If you have sewer lines behind your house, the leak probably goes in the sewer lines and not through the walls. To determine if you have a sewer line leak, you should have a plumber evaluate your house and if he finds rust around the pipes, then he’ll know that you do have a leak. You may also want to have your plumber go through your basement so he can check for water lines that are leaking. He can identify what type of pipes you have, and he can tell you how to detect water leaks in sewer lines. If he cannot determine the cause of the leak, he can tell you what the best course of action would be.

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