How to Add Code Snippets to Your Divi Theme


Divi codes are a new way to add and manage code snippets right within the Divi interface. This includes HTML & Javascript, CSS and collections of CSS parameters and rules. Plus, your snippets can be easily synced to Divi Cloud which makes them instantly available on all of your new websites.

Adding divi codes is simple, but first you’ll need to create a divi library layout that contains your code. After that, you’ll be able to use a new divi library shortcode feature to display your template as a module within any page or section.

The divi codes  module is great for situations when you need to add static code, but when it comes to implementing advanced custom CSS you’ll likely want to utilize the new Custom CSS selectors. These allow you to add a CSS style to a specific element by using an identifier for the element and setting its property values. You can even include multiple properties and conditional statements!

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Many third-party platforms (like Facebook, Google Analytics, Pinterest and LeadPages) will give you a piece of code to paste into your site’s head tag. While you could use the divi code module to do this, it would be easier to do so by using the new Divi PHP Code module. This module makes it super easy to quickly and easily add integration code without messing with child themes or using shortcodes. You can even test and run your PHP code right from the Visual Builder by clicking on the green “Play” button.

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