How Resin Bound Driveways Are Installed


Resin Bound Driveways Glasgow LTD

A resin bound driveway is a great option for the driveway of your home. This type of driveway is made from a durable, UV-resistant material. However, it is important to note that this type of drive does require a considerable amount of preparation work before installation can begin. The process begins by excavating the area where the drive will be located, and preparing the sub-base. It may also require additional work to prepare the driveway site, including compacting stone or asphalt.

Why Need Installed Resin Bound Driveways

Before you have a resin driveway installed, you will need to make sure that the installation is done properly. Resin Bound Driveways Glasgow LTD should be left to dry for up to 72 hours. If you intend to use the driveway for pedestrians and cars during this time, you will want to leave it overnight. You should also make sure that any cracks are sealed correctly. This will prevent water and other debris from entering your driveway, which can be problematic during rainy months.

Once the surface is ready, installation is relatively simple. The material is mixed with aggregates and spread to the desired layout. First, you must excavate the existing surface and replace it with a more durable material. The next step is to prepare a base for the driveway, which may be concrete, tarmac, or asphalt. Once the base is in place, the driveway can be installed. The installation process may take several days, and the process can be completed in as little as one week.

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