How Does a Cryotherapy Center Remove Inflammation and Pain?


cryotherapy center

If you are interested in using a cryotherapy center for your treatment of pain management, you should first know what it is and how it works. When you enter one of these centers, you will most likely be given a topical anesthetic. This is applied to the skin with a tiny nozzle and it numbs the skin allowing the endorphins to enter the blood stream. When this happens, the body then creates a chemical reaction which causes the targeted area of the skin to contract and cause the area to become chilled. This cold shock results in reducing swelling, pain, inflammation, and much more quickly than traditional methods. Watch it-visit website

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Many people are intrigued by the thought of having chronic inflammation removed from their bodies and even the benefit of being able to experience instant pain relief. The truth of the matter is that the procedure works, but it can take several hours depending on the severity of your condition. One of the things that make cryotherapy so successful is that it is very precise. The amount of heat used is not too much and it does not cause the patient any pain or discomfort. It also uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions so they do not return. The inflammation will typically clear up in three to five days.

The cold temperatures at which the procedure takes place have been known to reduce swelling and the ability of the immune system to fight infection. In fact, most doctors recommend that patients with certain skin conditions try cryotherapy first before turning to more aggressive treatments. In extreme cold temperature applications the skin looks as if it has been frozen, and this is a great advantage because it can penetrate deep into the skin. The only real disadvantage to using a cryotherapy center for your treatment of pain and inflammation is if you have allergies to nickel or another metal in the treatment.

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