How Cars Are Towable


If you own a car and need to tow another vehicle, you will need to understand how your towing capabilities will affect the towing capacity of the other vehicle. In order to determine a car’s towing capacity, you will need to know how much power your engine has and what its tow rating is. The next important fact to know is whether your vehicle has four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. If it has front-wheel drive, you should also be aware of its tow rating. Find out

The Secret Of Successful How Cars Are Towable

Cars Towing

There are different types of towing systems. Most cars have a tow bar or tow hitch that allows them to tow another vehicle. The towing vehicle must be in neutral gear. The vehicle must be in neutral gear to allow the towing vehicle to rotate its wheels freely. Towing a car requires a tow truck. The combined weight of the towed car and trailer will exceed the tow rating of most passenger cars and SUVs.

Tow trucks have enhanced braking systems to protect the towed vehicle. It is necessary to secure safety chains and turn tail lights on the towed vehicle. A tow truck may not be equipped with a safety chain, so it’s vital that the vehicle be in neutral gear as well. If the car is in neutral gear, it’s safe to start towing it. Towing a car is a dangerous activity because it can cause a collision.

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