Grasp the Fundamentals of Insurance Course


fundamentals of insurance course

Grasp the fundamentals of insurance course principles of insurance through this comprehensive course. You’ll explore the market, its organization, the complete value chain, risk management and more to prepare you to confidently serve your customers and build a career in this industry.

Obtain a solid understanding of property and casualty insurance as a key risk financing tool. You’ll examine insurable risks, the insurance transaction, liability concepts and standard property and casualty insurance policies.

The Roadmap to Insurance Proficiency: Exploring the Fundamentals of Insurance Course

You’ll also discover a broad range of personal and business insurance options available to your clients. This includes life insurance that protects loved ones’ financial security, health coverage to safeguard their well-being, and auto insurance to cover their journeys. Plus, you’ll learn about business owner and professional liability insurance as well as a variety of optional floaters and endorsements that can increase the coverage limits on homeowners, commercial and automobile policies.

Gain a thorough introduction to the claims process and understand how you can assist your clients during this time of need. You’ll review the process from beginning to end, including a detailed discussion of key terms and definitions. You’ll also explore the complexities of property and automobile claims as well as how to investigate, evaluate and report on a claim.

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