Grainger Professional Combustion Analyzer


Professional Combustion Analyzer

Professional Combustion Analyzer of fuel, usually a fossil fuel, with oxygen to generate heat can be improved through careful attention to the ratio of air to fuel. Using a combustion analyzer to find the ideal fuel-to-air ratio allows for complete, efficient combustion and minimizes harmful emissions like CO, CO2, NOx and sulfur dioxide.

Combustion and flue gas analyzers are useful for testing residential and commercial heating systems to ensure they are running at peak performance. They can be used to measure flue gas stack temperature, carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and draft, among other things. They can be extractive or direct in-situ instruments.

Some combustion and flue gas analyzers come with a variety of other probes, including point sample probes for hard-to-reach areas. They can also be upgraded with additional sensors for more in-depth testing. Many models feature an easy-to-read display and high-quality electrochemical sensors for oxygen, carbon monoxide, CO2, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide.

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HVAC technicians use combustion and flue gas analyzers for a wide variety of tasks including commissioning and servicing all types of boilers, heaters, kilns and furnaces. They help keep heating systems running efficiently and meet EPA regulations, which set strict limits on certain dangerous emissions. Grainger offers a large selection of 2 to 4-gas combustion and flue gas analyzers for all your measurement and tuning needs, from assessing combustion efficiency to determining duct leaks, cracked exchanges and more. They are compact, portable and intuitive to use and many of them include a rugged case for convenient transport.

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