Foot Clinic – Preventative Care


A foot clinic offers much more than just cosmetic services for the feet. As an orthodontist, I receive many requests from parents whose child has recently broken a bone. They are concerned that their child may have developed osteoarthritis, or that they could contract an infection. My response to all of these parents is that all children are at risk of developing foot problems. This does not mean that I will always recommend a parent to have their child undergo surgery, however, because there are many other options available.

Foot clinic offers much more than just cosmetic services for the feet!

One of those options is to see a local dentist for a cleaning. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, it is often not covered by insurance. The cost can run into the hundreds of dollars per visit. On top of that, when the family returns home, they may not feel comfortable with the dental office and would rather go to the pediatrician or their family physician. This option is not a very good one for many reasons. First, if your child has an allergy to antibiotics, or you have a problem with your children’s dental hygiene habits, the trip back to the pediatrician could become very uncomfortable.

Pediatric dentists are often able to provide treatment for children without having to go through surgery. This can often save families a great deal of money. Many times, a foot clinic can help to prevent further problems for your child.

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