Fallen Angel Names


Fallen angel names  are often portrayed as being beautiful and heavenly, but there is another side to the angel story that many people do not understand. Some believe that the angels that fell from grace were originally good and benevolent, but then began to question God’s authority. This caused them to be banished from heaven and sent to hell. They are now referred to as fallen angels and demons and they roam the earth looking for ways to cause trouble and harm to unrepentant mankind. These fallen angels are given names and are known by different titles depending on their duties.

Whispers of Rebellion: The Enigmatic Names of Fallen Angels Revealed

* Anarell – the fallen Angel of secrets and lies, she knows everyone’s secrets and takes their confusion as her own. She and her sister Anmael work together for eternity as the holders of troubles, taking them all onto their own shoulders.

* Abaddon – the fallen angel of death and destruction, he is the same as Apollyon but not a twin. He is able to move objects and create tremors without touching them.

Other popular fallen angel names are:

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