Electrician Mackay


Whether you’re building your dream home or have been living in the same place for years, electricians can help you find a way to save energy. They’re trained to help you understand the different parts of your electrical system and how they work together.

How to become an electrician

They can also install a range of electrical devices, including power points and lighting. And they can check your switchboard for safety switches and fuses.

24/7 Emergency Electricians

If you are having an electrical problem in your home after hours, a 24/7 emergency electrician will be there to resolve it quickly and safely. Common issues can include fuses blowing, flickering lights and sparking from a faulty powerpoint.

Installations and Renovations

From installing a new oven to wiring up your garage, an electrician can help with all of the installation and renovation needs for your home. They can also rewire your home to make it more energy efficient and reduce your utility bills.


Electrical contractors can install a range of lighting throughout your home, including downlights and dimmer switches. They can also install a whole-house LED lighting system.

Security and Alarms

Electricians can also help with installing a home alarm to protect your family. A safety system will sound an alarm if there’s a break in the line to your home, or if there’s something plugged into a powerpoint that isn’t working correctly.

When you need a team of experienced and professional electricians in Mackay, you can count on the Blue Chip Electrical team to get the job done. They have a reputation for providing excellent workmanship and customer service, as well as quality electrical installations.

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