Different Types of Outdoor Flooring


Outdoor Flooring

Whether you’re planning a backyard revamp or a front porch makeover, Outdoor Flooring can be an important design element. But how do you decide what materials to choose? What kind of style do you want to achieve, and what will withstand the elements of your region? In this article, we’ll talk about all of the different outdoor flooring options out there, from traditional wood decking to sturdily manufactured composites to even plant and rubber alternatives.

Step Into Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Flooring Options

Traditional wood decking is a classic and durable option that offers a wide variety of finishes. Wood can be stained or treated to resist rot and other weathering, and you can choose from several top-of-the-line exotic hardwood species like ipe (pronounced ee-pay) and teak. Just remember that wood needs to be properly maintained by cleaning and sealing it every one or two years.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, clay or stoneware floors offer an array of color and texture possibilities. They’re also a great choice for achieving a rustic atmosphere and handcrafted finish, although they will need more frequent maintenance than other materials.

Concrete pavers are a budget-friendly and durable flooring option that can be stained or stamped to look like stone, tile, or wood. They’re an especially good choice for unique landscapes that don’t easily accommodate pavers with straight lines, as you can shape them to form-fit your terrain. You can also choose to paint your concrete floor, which is a do-it-yourself and affordable way to add character and color to your patio space.

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