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While coastal clothes grandmother chic may have been made famous by TikTokers like Lex Nicoleta, there’s no reason you need to be a grandma to embrace the laid-back style. The escapist aesthetic, which incorporates neutral shades and soft feel-good fabrics, can be worn at home while you sip Chablis on the porch and tend to your hydrangea garden. Or, you can rock it at the beach — or even just to your favorite coffee shop where the iced drinks and ginger jars come out as soon as you sit down.

A few key pieces are all you need to look and feel like a coastal grandma this summer:

Start with breezy linen pants, the perfect base layer for a laid-back seaside outfit. Opt for a wide-leg option in a neutral hue, and add a pair of classic flat espadrille sandals. A straw hat is a must for defending yourself from the sun, and this luxe bucket hat with woven raffia checks all the boxes.

Coastal Chic: Embrace Effortless Style with Coastal-Inspired Clothing

If the air gets chilly as the sun sets, a light sweater is essential to layer over your classic button-down shirt and distressed denim jeans. This cozy cotton-cashmere style has a drawstring hood and comes in black or midnight blue for a coastal-cool color palette.

Don’t forget a woven bag to tote around your farmer’s market haul or the fresh flowers you bought at the beach house. A wicker basket will also help protect your valuables from saltwater spray. And finally, no beach trip is complete without a cozy throw blanket to tuck into your chair while you sip a cold beer and read the latest book by the ocean.

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