Caster City is a leading supplier of heavy-duty industrial casters, pneumatic casters, and caster wheels. The company specializes in customer service and offers the industry’s fastest lead times. Customers can order casters in as little as two business days and benefit from the company’s expertise and extensive contact database.

How do you apply caster to metal?

Caster City is based in Charlotte, NC and offers a wide variety of casters for various uses. Their product selection includes pneumatic, swivel, replacement, and stainless casters. They also carry caster wheels in a variety of materials, including phenolic, rubber, steel, polyurethane, and polyolefin.

Caster City offers a full line of replacement stem casters for a variety of applications, including Wire Shelving and Wire Racking. These stem casters caster city are universal replacements for the inner diameter of most wire shelving legs. Caster City also offers a Grip Ring Stem, which snaps into wire shelving legs to transform immobile shelving into a mobile one.

Casters can be purchased at a variety of places. Many caster manufacturers offer a large inventory for their products. One of the largest stocking distributors in the Midwest is Midwest Caster & Wheel, Inc. This company has a store at 431 W Seymour Avenue in Cincinnati, OH. Another major supplier, Caster Depot, is located in Wayland, MI.

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