Cartridge Heater Manufacturer


A cartridge heater manufacturer is an electrical device that can be used in many different industrial applications. The heat generated by the coil travels down the sheath and then to the material that needs to be heated. Some manufacturers use stainless steel, others use Incoloy 800. The latter type is a superalloy, and its temperature rating is higher than other metals. To keep contaminants out, the sheath is sealed. The sheath and the coil make contact with one another and the heat from the nichrome wire transfers directly to the material being heated.

How to Choose Cartridge Heater Manufacturer

The life of a cartridge heater depends on its design. Its best setpoint temperature is determined by the fit between the outside diameter of the heater and the inside diameter of the bore. If the fit is not correct, the heater will be unable to provide the heat needed and will eventually cause a total seizure of the workpiece. This is why heaters are manufactured down to the nominal diameter, usually 0.02 to 0.05″.

High-watt density cartridge heaters are available in different sizes and power densities. They are available with multiple terminal pins and a PTFE insulated lead wire. The insulation on these heaters is made of high-quality nickel-chromium resistance wire, with an MgO core to protect the material. The heating element is made of a solid ceramic core that is resistant to corrosion. This helps extend the life of the cartridge heaters.

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