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tenacious tape

Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting or just hanging out at the park, tenacious tape will keep you safe and dry. This simple waterproof material is so strong that it can even be cut through metal, making it ideal for use around the tent. Tenacious tape comes in handy for so many uses, including:

Tenacious Tape Will Keep You Safe and Dry

For use around your tent, tenacious tape keeps everything securely in place, no matter how much abuse it gets. Also great for keeping laundry dry outside the tent, this sticky tape can be reused over again as long as you want to go with a single color. No, this doesn’t come off easily as it can go from light orange to dark brown with just a little bit of water. Also helpful for sealing wet suits and boots, this flexible duct tape can seal up and smooth out any kind of seam.

Tenacious tape can also be used for other camping and fishing gear repair tasks, such as patching up punctures and cuts to keep your gear from looking like a mess. When sealing a puncture, the tape has an uncanny ability to not seep back into the skin and leave a scar, so it seals up the cut without going all the way to the skin. Pinching a cut while sealing can cause the puncture to leak, but Tenacious tape has no problem filling up the cut and sealing it up. If you’re looking for an easy way to patch your gear, tenacious tape is a great choice.

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