Best Portable Solar Power Generator


portable solar power generator

A portable solar power generator combines a battery and solar panels to generate electricity, making them a good option for camping, tailgating and other off-grid activities. They’re safer to carry and use than traditional gas generators, require less maintenance, and don’t produce harmful emissions.

Portable solar power generator generators come in a range of sizes, from lunchbox-sized to large enough to house several eight-foot long panels chained together, and in a variety of price points. The best ones offer a balance of portability, capacity, and functionality for the price, with multiple output plugs (AC outlets, USB-A and USB-C, and 12-volt DC) to charge many devices at once.

On-the-Go Power: A Review of the Best Portable Solar Power Generators for Your Adventures

The Jackery Explorer 300 is a budget pick that packs a reasonable amount of power into a super-compact package and is a great choice for travelers, hikers, campers, or anyone looking to charge their devices on the go. Its 293Wh capacity isn’t as high as our top pick, but it can provide 31 phone charges or enough power for a drone and camera.

Our pick for the best portable solar power generator is the EcoFlow Delta 2. It’s a solid medium-sized solar generator, with a 1,200 Wh LiFePO4/LFP battery and six AC ports on its 1,500W inverter.

It also includes a host of features and capabilities, including a built-in power supply for fast charging, onboard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that let you manage your battery pack remotely, and MC4 to XT-60 solar input connectivity. But it’s the price tag that makes it a little tough to recommend over more affordable models.

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