AC300 Bluetti – A Portable Solar Generator That Can Power Up to 17 Devices


ac300 bluetti

The ac300 bluetti is one of the latest and most innovative solar generators on the market. It is designed to power up to 17 devices and comes with enough wattage and capacity to take care of power-hungry equipment like stoves, large speakers, massive TV screens, laser cutting machines, air conditioners, fridges, and more.

It also has several outlets for you to hook up all your electronics. It has a 12V/20A cigarette lighter DC port and a 24V/10A car outlet for your vehicles. This link 300 ac |

You can also plug it into a NEMA L14-30 twist lock receptacle to provide 240-volts power. This makes it ideal for off-grid locations where long extension cords are not an option.

Using the AC300 Bluetti for Emergencies: Tips and Best Practices

This portable power station is a handy accessory for camping, events, and other remote places where you can’t easily access the electrical grid. It also serves as an emergency backup power source during a blackout.

With up to 12,288 watt-hours of battery capacity, the ac300 bluetti can power most of your home’s basic needs for a couple days during a power outage. The modular design enables you to connect up to four B300 battery units per unit, adding up to an astonishing amount of power.

It is powered by a modern lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) expansion battery that offers up to 4x longer life than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The modular design is a bold move from Bluetti, which significantly reduces weight and allows you to replace or upgrade the batteries when necessary.

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