A Complete Newbie’s Guide to Company Registration


Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state and is considered to be the IT hub of the country. This city is known to be the ‘B’ grade business destination of India and provides you with an excellent business environment. There are many companies that operate in Chennai and the state offers tax benefits to those that maintain more than one head office. These advantages are also available for businesses that operate in other states of India.

Know About Company Registration

Chennai is considered to be a major industrial hub and is home to many leading firms and industries that manufacture, export and import various products and services. The city also provides ample opportunities to people looking to start an independent business as the government offers financial assistance to people who want to establish their own businesses in Chennai. The city offers a variety of employment opportunities for professionals, students and people looking to start a new business. In addition, Chennai is a very well-connected place and provides you with all the facilities that a big city offers.

Business registration in Chennai is now possible online and the process is not at all expensive, as there are many reputed companies offering these services at very low costs.

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