Day: December 8, 2023

How to Choose the Right Deck Coating for Your Nationwide Car Park

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Nationwide car park deck coating structures are often built with poured or precast concrete and can develop hairline cracks in the decks, especially those exposed to weathering and heavy traffic. A deck waterproofing system protects the surface and extends the life of the structure. The most popular solutions provide protection against harsh chemicals, oil, de-icers and exhaust fumes that can damage the underlying concrete. The uncovered top deck of a multi-storey parking garage needs to be able to cope with a lot more than rain, wind and snow. It must also withstand the impact of vehicles, pedestrians and any accidental spillages. It is important to ensure that the deck waterproofing can withstand this environment before it is applied. A polyurethane coating is ideal because it combines durability and flexibility. It is designed to stretch with concrete slab movement, bridge any shrinkage cracks and provide extreme impact abrasion resistance. It can be coloured to create zones for different areas within the car park and to add visual appeal. Seal Across the Nation: Exploring the Reach and Benefits of Nationwide Car Park Deck Coating Slip resistance is an issue in multi-storey car parks, especially those with ramps and tight turning spaces. A textured coating, with aggregates like aluminium oxide or bauxite that are hardier and more durable than sand, helps to increase traction in the cars. This can help to prevent tyre squeals, which can be extremely annoying for passengers. In addition, polyurea is a highly durable material that can be coloured in a range of shades to allow parking areas and walkways to be clearly labelled. This is useful to assist parking attendants, customers and security. It also dries quickly, meaning that the parking deck can be used almost immediately, with minimal disruption and no need for a shutdown. This can be particularly helpful for retail spaces, which need to avoid downtime during trading hours.