Day: January 31, 2023

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Sale

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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment for Sale There are many tools available for duct cleaning, but two of the most important are a vacuum unit and a rotary brush system. These machines work together to effectively clean ductwork, and they also help keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly by removing dirt and debris. Truck-Mount Vacuum Systems If you are aiming to clean large carpet cleaning equipment for sale and industrial ductwork, a duct truck-mounted machine is the best way to go. This equipment provides powerful suction and can handle any size job, from small residential homes to large high-rise buildings. Portable Vacuums A portable vacuum is a less expensive alternative to truck-mounted units, and it allows you to get close to ductwork. It also has a shorter hose, so it loses less power than a truck-mounted machine. Comparing Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment Rotating Brush Kits Unlike negative air duct cleaning systems, a rotary brush system removes accumulated dirt by knocking it off aggressively with rotating brush bristles. The bristles can be adjusted to fit a variety of duct sizes. #1 Solve: Flexible Rotary Cable & RotoFlex-Sweeping Brush Technology The SpinDuct system uses a separate, flexible rotary cable and a special RotoFlex-Sweeping brush to safely scrub ductwork. The rotary cable is attached to the brush, which makes maneuvering through the duct much easier than with a fatter hose. #2 Solve: Brush/Cable Separation from Vacuum Hose The RotoFlex-Sweeping brushes adjust to duct sizes, and the flexible rotary cable allows extreme maneuverability throughout the duct. This makes the SpinDuct the ideal air duct cleaning equipment for residential, light commercial, and dryer vents.